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08. February 2019 careers, therapies 0
Self publisher

Working on an eBook as a self-publisher is certainly inspirational therapy. Using Sigil, Calibre, Libre Office with as many open source tools I can manage to learn from. Writing is therapeutic! So far, the progress is going very well. I’m managing backup copies including progress with a bulleted list (there’s a name for that). Learning to use the tools, tips, and features is good for my soul. My preference is Sigil and Calibre at the same time. Now it’s one at a time.

The book is about self-help therapy, of course. Learning to love the unlovable is one of the main topics. Dealing with frustration, grief, insomnia and responsibility help with my own priorities. For instance, if it’s 11:00 pm and I have to watch the grandbabies tomorrow then lowering the lighting may be useful. Breaking from the usual patterns, getting up early to edit also enhances sleepy time. A demand for power naps is vital.

What the book therapy is actually doing is providing inspiration to finish projects: WiP (Works in Progress).

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