About this site

About this site

This personal blog is in discovering creative ways for relief. Relief from stress, drug-less pain management, therapies, along with spiritual release to the Great Physician. Low impact sports involves spectator yoga. That helps with inspiration occasionally. Yoga is nice, stretches are natural. After all, since I’m the expert on what fits me, personalized solutions make sense.

There are natural pain relievers. Instead of prescriptions, herbals, or over the counter medicine, sleep and relaxation is one key to relieving pain. Personally, opioid pharmaceuticals disagree with me. They’ve caused extreme nausea. Therefore, herbals are sometimes suggested. Prescriptions with herbals can cause serious damage. Meanwhile, staying occupied is a huge plus.

Personal hobbies occupy mental focus. Contentment is the best results of that. Finding a content mental condition to blend with meditation helps a body relax. This is where mental focus fits in. Aches and pains accompany sport rituals. Considering injuries, for instance, physical therapy allows a faster recovery. So, people with illnesses may cope with an ailment. I’m convinced attitude is vital.

Consider low impact gardening, container horticulture is amazing therapy:
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This journal may includes tidbits of interpersonal relationships. Summaries in making sense of bipolar disorders, personality clashes, pinpointing a personal diagnosis should help. After all, who in this world is more qualified to understand an individual better than anyone can. For instance, mental problems are so variable, treatment plans are too. What works for one might not work for another. Treatment plans involving medicines may be short-term, long-term, or no medicine at all. Yet, self-love is medicine for the soul.

Anxiety, depression, low-self-image, bitterness, frustration all have consequences. Harbor emotional baggage or become the best self prescribed psychologist I’ll ever meet. Self control is, after all, a heavenly spiritual gift. I believe I’ll ask for more. May we choose wisely.