Prayer Answer

05. June 2019 kindness, parenting 1
Prayer Answer

Facebook fundraising campaign: Started a fundraiser effort with the help of Facebook. Thank you Mark Zuckerberg! Created for daughter to pay her rent. She had missed work. Children were sick. I’m (or was) actually broke, as in down to the last dollar poor as a church mouse in need of assistance poor.

Requesting prayers from strangers is not recommended. Mentioned at the beginning of my story, the poor have been exploited. Instead of being helpless, hopeless and isolated,  faith is reassuring. Meanwhile, peaceful rest was difficult. The learning experience opened a can of worms, however. Some of which is indeed chilling. Nevertheless, fear is nothing to be concerned about. Uneasiness is only a survival tool.

Mission Accomplished:

Answered prayer

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  • Season 1
    Season on June 10, 2019 Reply

    As I mentioned on the campaign trail, heavenly faith is never about looking toward human beings to help out. Instead, it’s more along the line of having the Lord’s spirit move people. Good or bad, the unexplained phenomenon is only one of the amazing things, one of the most precious things in the universe.

    Met an interesting author too. Perhaps I’ll get the chance to go back and sort through this to update. Meanwhile, grand babies are keeping me occupied.

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