Fate of a King

06. January 2019 wisdom 6
Ancient texts excluded from the bible are available today. Warning: All scripture is given for reproof, instruction, guidance, and must not be taken lightly. Dead Sea Scrolls are at the Vatican. Yet the Vatican cannot control the Lord of Heaven\'s Armies.


04. January 2019 kindness 3
Have mercy! Empathy, I believe, is influenced by acknowledging our own imperfections. A self examination in knowing I’m flawed lets me love myself. Creativity puts this into perspective. For instance, knowing what I appreciate, what I enjoy doing, gives prospects for improvement. Love allows me to expect the best. The best outcome during unpredictable times, ...


14. December 2018 kindness 0
Ever wonder why some folks are usually miserable?  I highly recommend we all stop wondering about trivial nonsense. What truly matters is the reaction to negativity. It makes sense to my ego to take the criticism personally. Yet, the critique seldom fits. I’ve been making excuses for a mean-spirited loved one. Yes, I understand the ...

Being grateful

23. November 2018 kindness 1
Yesterday was the 2018 Thanksgiving holiday. Didn’t even realize what day it was until the coffee kicked in. The plan was to go to the in-laws. I stayed home instead. Had the whole house to myself for a change. Jamming to the tune of J. J. Cale on Pandora, the house was rocking. So, I ...