Rebatch Soap

22. April 2019 hobbies 0
Rebatch Soap

If YouTuber’s only had a clue about diving right in and making their point without rambling on about this and that. Sometimes I have a short attention span. Been soap rebatching today. I’m enjoying that even if it’s just store bought scraps. Wish I could invest in some clear melt and pour someday. Meantime, I’ll watch the best YouTube video demonstrations where people know how to keep it simple.

Speaking of simplicity, it’s disturbing to watch people going overboard with indoor landscaping. Indoor horticulture is only pleasant when it’s served with a purpose. Some have the tendency to be overwhelmed with the hobby. Including myself! I’m working on perennial seedlings; thyme, rosemary, peppermint, catnip, nasturtium. Looking forward to getting them outside into a permanent home so I can regain my space.

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